About us

AsusPlus is a Cyprus based company licensed under the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus (ICPAC).

At AsusPlus, our aim is to provide our clients with all the appropriate tools so that they keep up to date with developments and always keep one step ahead of their competitors. 

Our clients range from individuals to entrepreneurs, large organisations and complex international businesses. 

We build and sustain business relationships based on integrity and confidentiality by offering customised solutions to ensure optimum outcomes with our clients’ best interest always a priority.

Our Services

Audit Services

At AsusPlus, we hold and maintain at all times, the expertise and experience to meet our client’s requirements and expectations. In every audit, we always aim in providing comprehensive judgement on the accuracy and transparency of financial statements.

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Tax Services

Tax planning is an essential component of any business. At AsusPlus we offer in depth specialist tax knowledge and have the experience to provide valuable advice to both local and overseas companies.

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VAT Services

At AsusPlus our specialist VAT team can provide assistance and advice regarding effective VAT planning in order to optimise VAT recovery and compliance.

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Payroll Services

Payroll and personnel administration is a time consuming and complex burden in today’s business environment. At AsusPlus, we can support companies with our expertise in local payroll regulations while also help to reduce administration costs.

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Accounting Services

At AsusPlus we fully understand that bookkeeping is a vital part of your business as accurate records are required for the preparation of audited financial statements as well as for taxation and VAT purposes. 

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Why Cyprus?

  • Straight forward and quick procedures with the Registrar of Companies.
  • Low set up costs.
  • The tax and legal systems applicable are in full compliance with the EU and the OECD's requirements against harmful tax practices.
  • Low corporation tax rate of 12,5%.
  • Under the Cypriot Corporation Tax, inbound dividends are not taxable under certain easily-met conditions.