Why Cyprus

Why choose Cyprus?

  • Straight forward and quick procedures with the Registrar of Companies.
  • Low set up costs.
  • The tax and legal systems applicable are in full compliance with the EU and the OECD's requirements against harmful tax practices.
  • Low corporation tax rate of 12,5%.
  • Under the Cypriot Corporation Tax, inbound dividends are not taxable under certain easily-met conditions.
  • Outbound dividends are not subject to any withholding taxes unless distributed to Cyprus tax resident individuals where they are subject to Special Defense Contribution (SDC). However, if outbound dividends are distributed to "non-domicile". Cyprus tax resident individuals, they are fully tax exempt*.
  • Cyprus does not impose capital gains tax on the disposal of shares unless the disposal is related to immovable property situated in Cyprus. If the immovable property is located outside Cyprus, such gains are exempt.
  • Cyprus, being an official member of the EU has implemented all EU Directives.
  • Cyprus provides for no inheritance tax.
  • Cyprus has concluded an extensive number of Double Tax Treaties (DTTs) for the avoidance of   double taxation.
  • Tax paid abroad can be credited against any tax payable in Cyprus on such income, irrespective of any Double Tax Treaty.
  • Profits from a Permanent Establishment maintained outside the Republic are exempt under certain   easily-met   conditions.
  • Profits from the sale of securities are exempt.
  • National interest deduction of 80% of the taxable income is allowed annually on new capital introduced to a company after 1 January 2015.


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